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Providing Endovascular Specialists with Better Solutions

At our core, we are innovators. Searching for better outcomes for all patients.


Who We Are

Cagent Vascular is a team of medical device professionals who work diligently to develop new, high-quality, innovative technologies for physicians to use in treating patients.


Making a Difference in the Lives of Patients

Dedicated to improving the treatment of cardiovascular disease, a leading cause of mortality and poor quality of life worldwide.



Forever Changing Angioplasty for the Better

Become the leader in angioplasty technology with the first and only serration balloon to restore blood flow.


Our Values

Our team has developed a strong business foundation, built on several core values


Focused on People

Prioritizing patients, customers and employees


Best-in-Class Technology

Leading the way in improving angioplasty


Pursuing Excellence

Delivering quality products and customer service



Achieving acute results and clinical outcomes



Using analytics to make informed decisions across our business

Origin Story

Angioplasty has been widely used as the primary tool for endovascular procedures for nearly 50 years. Although effective, it has many limitations and trade-offs. We believe we have developed a more effective and elegant solution to build on the standard angioplasty platform.

The Product
The Technology

The combination of time and point force enables effective, stable, and consistent results. The Serranator has 3 or 4 serrated metal strips which contact the artery wall during balloon inflation and create interrupted rows of scoring. This allows for predictable and controlled lumen expansion along these lines as the balloon inflates to nominal pressure. The Serranator can achieve lumen gain at lower pressures than POBA, thereby achieving optimal lumen gain without the need for high pressure.


Why the name “Serranator”

We used the combination of the words “serrate” and “serenade” and formed the word Serranator. A musical theme has been incorporated into our branding as a unique, sophisticated, and elegant way to maintain recognition across global markets.

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